Price Physiotherapy/Osteopathy

1st consultation therapy included: CHF 150.00 
Therapy up to 45 minutes: CHF 90.00
Therapy up to 1h: CHF 120.00
30.-/additional 15 minutes
Hydrotherapy CHF 55.00

Hospitalisation: It depends the animal's size and the disease, between 100.- and 150.- per day (food and physiotherapy included)

Pension : 50.-/day (walk, food and one massage per week included, additional treatments on request after the first consultation)

Price Bioresonance:

Dogs, cats: 1st tx (diagnostic incl.): CHF 130.00
Dogs, cats : futher therapy: CHF 90.00
Horse: 1st therapy (diagnostic incl.): CHF 160.00 + travel (CHF 2.00/km) 
Horse: futher therapy: CHF 100.00 + travel (CHF 2.00/km)